Tuesday, May 1, 2012

*Tuesday Tip* - Have fun with your photos!

Photos - they can mean so much and capture some fantastic memories and I love taking them.
I'm no professional and use a bog standard point and shoot digital camera. I dream of owning a fancy SLR!!
So if you're the same as me I have hundreds of photos saved on my computer, what good are they on there!! So slowly I'm organising and printing them out.
One thing I love about photos is how easy it is to have fun with them and make them look much better than they originally did!!
By no means am I some kind of tech wizz, I use a simple piece of software that came with my computer to make the photos look better and add text etc but recently you may have noticed a change to some of my blog photos!?

I discovered this amazing site through Karen at Sew Many Ways:

It's a simple on line photo editing site by two former Picnik engineers that has some fantastic features and new ones that have just been added. I have no association with them but do go check it out it is easy to use, free with no registration and so much fun!!

I love this photo I took whilst on holiday in Toronto:

But how much more exciting  - Wow see what you can do, great for holiday journals to make things a bit different!!

Then you can go wild and have a bit of fun!! Hours of fun!!

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Donna said...

The hydrant - funny! :-)