Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Not sure if you've noticed but just under my blog header photo you will see the introduction of some new pages.
I had designed some of these a while ago but had them hidden, partly because I didn't have enough time to get them sorted as I wanted and also not sure if they would be of any interest! However over the last few weeks (with my more frequent posting - not sure how long that will last!?) I have been receiving more emails about some of my quilting bees and questions as to how to get involved in them, where I have purchased my fabric from and so on. So hopefully over the next few weeks these pages will be developed!
Here is where you can play along!
Do you have a weekly link along on your blog that you want to advertise here?
Are you new to blogging (or maybe I've not come across your blog yet - although I have a rather long {lovely places to visit} list that keeps me entertained for hours!) and would like your blog or a particular post to be featured!?
If so get in touch! Yep there's even a contact page up there!!

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