Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Places I stumble across

I think I might have a problem! Somehow the day just doesn't have enough hours for me to keep up with my blog reading!!
See down there, on the right, you might have to scroll down a bit, is a list of all the wonderful blogs and sites that I enjoy reading (and most of them on a daily basis!). There is so much talent and inspiration out there it is amazing!
A while ago I stumbled across a lovely place ~ The Sewing Directory.
I think I was searching for quilting courses and ended up finding so much more.
This is a site where you can find everything from sewing supplies, courses, groups, news and competitions.
It is a great place to keep up to date with shows going on in the UK, it has a very detailed list of fabric suppliers which I have found very useful, lots of great how to guides, and also a great blog that is really up to date with what is going on in the sewing world and from which I always learn something new!
I am not employed by the sewing directory or affiliated with them in anyway but just wanted to share a great site for us quilting and sewing bloggers/readers based in the UK!

Meant to say if your looking for the SMS giveaway it's here!!

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The Sewing Directory said...

Thank you for the very kind comments, glad to hear your are enjoying the site :-)