Sunday, June 24, 2018

Instagram update

So I never did get back my Instagram account after it was hacked. Sadly customer service with Instagram is the worst!!
So starting afresh! Here's whats been going on:

Love Peony season but it ends the start of July which is only just over a week away!!
Loving these colours and Sweet William flowers! 
A couple of nights ago I attended a new to me local @thequiltersguild group!! It was so much fun meeting all the ladies, chatting, tea, biscuits and 2 and a half hours of sewing!! YES sewing!! It’s only been about a year and a half since I last used my machine. I took with me a very old #wip I started at @fatquarterly retreat with the lovely @diaryofaquilter !! I managed to sew the last blocks ready to sew strips. It was a lovely evening and look forward to going again!
Look what arrived yesterday!! Thank you @sarahashfordstudio they are fab and look at that glitter! Can’t wait to fill them up!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Back up and running - well kind of!

Well I took a hiatus from social media for a while..... lost interest, wanted some time back because IG, blogs etc. are fantastic but I can lose a good few hours, plus I haven't been doing any sewing or quilting for absolutely ages!!
Then I felt the need to get back into it all until...... I got back on Instagram and my account had been hacked! Not going to go into it in too much detail in this post but lets just say we put our hearts and trust in a little app which has the worst customer support ever!! In fact I don't think there is even any support just little automated bots!
Then there is Flickr..... a platform I loved! It kind of started my creative journey, put me in touch with lots of creative like minded people in real life and the swaps and bees - they were great!!! BUT another company was taking it over and I decided to close my account down, hence the strange looking images on this blog right now! So I have a bit of tidying up to do, need to think about blogging, where it is going etc. etc. but for now I'm going to dip my toes back in.

So if you were following me on Instagram and maybe wondered why I blocked you, because I definitely didn't, you can now find me @Cara_Pink_Stitches

So for now keeping it short and sweet and hope to sweep off the very thick layer of dust from my sewing machine some time soon!!

Monday, January 1, 2018


Happy New Year!
I managed to capture this stunning sunset on the last day of 2017, which was, lets just say a challenging year. Plenty of highs, good memories and laughs but also lots of tough times.
I am praying that 2018 will be a year of good health, happiness and fun times for all my family and friends! Who knows I might even get the sewing machine out :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 and a bit of a brain dump!

Well you might be shocked or a little surprised by this post since the last post was, well like, ages ago!

And sorry no sewing/quilting make photos as I haven't touched my sewing machine since last June! I have palpitations just thinking about that! 

Reason for absence - selling my home, looking for a house, buying a house, renovating and redecorating said house to make it into my new home! 

There has been stress, tears, laughter and now lots of dust and I mean dust when walls get taken down but slowly it is all coming together. 

Yesterday, however, I seemed to have some kind of epiphany about my creative, sewing, quilting journey and having not sewn since last year what I was missing. 

I love being creative and sitting behind my desk with the sewing machine or just playing around with fabric! Most of what I used to sew was not for me. Sewing was for gifts, quilting Bees or swaps. I used to love getting to know new people from all over the world through bees and swaps, and having not been part of any for I don't remember how long I do miss it. 
My introduction into the sewing/quilting online world actually started when I received this book:

I discovered the world of craft blogs and Flickr. Flickr was my go to place for inspiration, quilting bees, swaps and retreats. Then Instagram took over and don't get me wrong I love IG (I'm a daily addict!) but since they changed their algorithms it is just not the same. I feel like I miss out on some amazing work as I just no longer see the posts, and yes I know there are notifications but that doesn't seem to work for me. 
So yesterday I logged onto Flickr for the first time in forever! Refreshed my groups, updated the app on my phone and am looking forward to re-discovering the world of Flickr. Plus the photos appear in chronological order - yay! Then I got thinking as to why I sort of left Flickr, what's happened to all the swaps etc. where did they all go!? Other social media outlets are partly to blame as I know I could spend most of my day trawling through all the different apps on my phone, blogs and websites. I even made an account on Ello and have hardly ever been on that! 

So brain dump over! 
And a question or two for anyone out there - were you on Flickr, are you still on Flickr, do you still take part in swaps etc, where is your go to source for sewing/quilting inspiration?

I think I was having a day of reminiscing back to the good old days! :) 

Anyway that's all from me for now - Happy Stitching and hopefully I'll be back soon, maybe even dust off the sewing machine!

Monday, December 5, 2016

11 months later

Yes, it's only been 11 months since my last post!!!
How did that happen?
Well this year has flown by and most of it has been taken up with selling my very much loved home and buying a new house which will soon be my very much loved home!
I knew it might take a while but not most of 2016.
Packing, moving and unpacking (well sort of!) has happened and now its time for decorating, literally from top to bottom.
Good news is I get to plan a nice new and slightly bigger office / sewing room - yay!
I hope to be back up and sewing sometime before Christmas, if I can find all my sewing bits and pieces, so look out for a new bag or pouch plus a load of quilt blocks that need making into a quilt!
See you all soon!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Well hello there!!
Long time no see and if there is anyone still out there reading my blog, I'd be a little bit surprised as it has been ages, so if you are hello and thanks for stopping by!

A few pictures to kick off my blogging for 2016:

#2015bestnine - IG where I spend all my time! :)

New Year walks

Planning for 2016

Playing catch up on Bee Blocks for Bee Europa!

and experimenting with chickpea meringue! Yes that's right chickpeas - more of that on a later post!