Monday, May 28, 2012

FQ Linky Party

Linking up today with Fat Quarterly to say a quick "Hello" to everyone going to the retreat!
Fat Quarterly
I've not had much time to get nervous about this or start thinking about what could go wrong if I'm sat in the corner on my own and everyone else seems to know each other, as I think I may have been one of the last to buy my Fat Quarterly Retreat ticket!!
I've been busy catching up on all the posts on Flickr, excited about a last minute name tag swap with AnaCrafts and have already spent money pre ordering goodies from Fluffy Sheep Quilting and Lu Summers!!
I had planned to get home from work this evening and start sewing a bag for the retreat. Fabric cut out and then the headache hit! So I'll look at that again tomorrow.
I'll be training it back and forth for the weekend (too late to find somewhere to stay) and sadly can not make what looks like an exciting shopping event at Tikki as I'm at work.
Saturday morning I'm with Kerry doing the Freezer Paper piecing and the afternoon with Claudia and zippered pouches!
Sunday looking forward to Machine pieced placemats with Brioni and so excited for Wonky Log cabins with John Q. Adams!! So a big "Hello" if you're in one of the classes!
It should really be half term this week and I wouldn't be at work (easy guess as to what I do!?) and therefore preparing for the retreat but it's been moved a week later to coincide with the jubilee! At least I'll have a week to get over all the excitement :)
I'm so looking forward to meeting some of my quilting bee and blog friends in real life, and lots of new people as well!
I have no photos to show as to what I'll be wearing or what I'll be carrying but as a close friend wrote in my last birthday card this February "Happy half way to 70!!" (What a cheek - although sometimes my students think I'm that old!)
I've been a crafty sewing sort literally all my life, studied Food and Textiles from GCSE through to Uni and now teach those to my own students, trying to keep the subject alive!
So roll on the weekend!!
Cara  @ {Pink Stitches} xx


Muriël said...

It'll be fun to meet you in person, Cara!

Sue Bone said...

I've pre-ordered goodies too. :) Bring your toothbrush and deo just in case there's two beds in my room.

verykerryberry said...

Looking forward to meeting you Cara!

Kelly said...

I am half way to seventy too :) Looking forward to meeting you!

The Sewing Directory said...

I can't believe how fast the FQ retreat is coming around. I really should get packed and ready soon!

You won't be stuck in a corner alone, I'm sure everyone will be really friendly as they are online. I'm looking forward to meeting you :-)


Betty said...

We're in the same classes Sunday!
See you!

moira said...

Hey Cara - looking forward to meeting you on Saturday. Only 4 more sleeps!

Rachel said...

See you on Saturday Cara!

Pippa Parsons said...

hehe the only class I'm not in with you is the Freezer paper so we should be firm buddies by the end. I did food and textiles gcse and a level, Im quite surprised it's still going, we had to fight to get our college to put the a level on, a definite need though how can people eat well if they don't know how to cook.... ahh well :O) have a great week and see you Saturday

Dianne Neale said...

I doubt you'll be alone in a corner! Look forward to meeting you

Sarah said...

Hi! Nice to meet you :-) see you in london

Shevvy said...

See you tomorrow.

Second Chance Tan said...

Hiya. It was so lovely to meet you today, I am still giggling about our natters at lunch time (and my attempts to get out of the iron man fiasco). Looking forward to hearing how the rest of the weekend goes, I am following along with you now