Thursday, March 1, 2007

Toastie Toes!!

I love hopping around (not literally!) and reading other blogs and have been inspired by the lovely quilts that everyone is making and thought I must get myself into action and think about one to snuggle under for cold nights in front of the TV.
I love coming home from work, pottering around the house and then getting cosy in front of the TV. At the moment I tend to hide under an old blanket but can now also cosy up with my new slippers!!
These were a special treat last week and I love them!
An exciting mixture of knitting, crochet and felted leaves.


tania said...

oh those are super cute!
i too plan on an eveing in front of the tv all cozy- a snowstorm has whipped up over here!

feli said...

wow.... that is cute. I like the flower. :*)