Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To be young again!

Why is it as you get older time seems to get shorter?
I'm not quite sure where the days and weeks seem to go at the moment, but they are going somewhere very quickly!!
I was thinking the other day about when I was at school and just seemed to have so much time to do things. I used to love being crafty at the weekends and even did a couple of evening classes before leaving school. One of them was in Silk Painting which I have not turned my hand to in ages. I remember when I was about 16 I took part in my first exhibition of my work and even sold some of my pieces!! When I think back now I so wish I'd had a digital camera to take a snap shot of the memories and see how my craft has evolved! This is why now I always try to remember to take a quick picture whether it be an item for myself or something I'm giving away!
So this leads on to these photos....

This was a 1/2 hour craft project as my friend was coming around and I'd had this idea in my mind to make a little hanging door sign, cushion thing to go alongside the bought present for her little boy. I was really pleased with the end product as I kind of made it all up as I went along due to the time limit. I just love that numbers fabric! It even made me think I could make these personalised little cushions / hanging signs to sell!?
Maybe one day when I have more time!!

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feli said...

Wow.. they are amazing.

I agree with you on the time thing. Time flies by so fast for me now. Gone were the days when I felt like the days were sooooo long. Where did it go?