Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It arrived at last!!

I've been waiting to post about this for ages but it appears that the post from the UK to Australia takes a bit longer than advertised!!
Well finally I'm pleased to say that my swap partner Feli received the parcel that I sent and I am really pleased that she liked it. I also couldn't believe it when Feli posted her favourite colour was red after I had made it!!
The swap organised by Maria at One Hour Craft was fab.
I got my parcel from Feli ages ago and it is just great! I look forward to taking part in more swaps and maybe even organising one through my blog if enough people are interested!?

Here's a few photos - I kind of made the bag up as I went along (it was a bit of a fluke that it's reversible) and once it was finished it was kind of hard to give it up, but I just love wrapping up presents and goodies and making cute little parcels to send away!

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feli said...

I LOVE X 100 it!!! Unfortunately all the poppets were gone by before I could even take a picture of it. but I kept the box!! Thank you for such a lovely gift. :*) I would do another swap with you if you want. :*)