Thursday, March 8, 2007

x With Love x

I just love making my little lavender scented filled hearts. They take very little time to prepare and finish, smell absolutely lovely and make cute little presents as they can be placed in wardrobes, airing cupboards, clothes drawers or even smelly shoes!!

With Mothers Day coming up shortly they are an ideal mini gift, so thought I would share a quick tutorial! They are very easy to make and I always find seeing images rather than loads of words much easier to follow. Have fun x
You will need a couple of pieces of felt, small section of ribbon, a button, embroidery thread and lavender filling, plus your usual sewing equipment.

Draw yourself a heart template and copy this onto the felt. Cut out two identical hearts.

To make the hanging ribbon, stitch the ribbon onto the back of one heart section. Add the button for additional decoration.

Join the two hearts together and stitch around the edges using blanket stitch. Remember to leave a small gap towards the end to insert the filling.

Once the filling is inside and your happy with the fullness finish the stitching. Voila!!

As you can see great in lots of colours and different sizes. The small ones I sometimes also attach a magnet to the back and they are great as room fresheners on a radiator.

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bu&bau said...

Do you fill it only with lavander, or mix the lavander with usual filling?