Monday, February 19, 2007

That Monday feeling!

Well been staring at the computer trying to find the energy to compose a post and then start some work! I appear to have brain ache at the moment after being back at work today!! Have completed crafting projects to post about but unfortunately have not taken any photos yet (and it's too dark now!) and it's much easier to explain craft projects with a nice little photo.

Anyway yesterday indulged in another one of my enjoyments cooking! Had a lovely little recipe book for Christmas and had not tried out any recipes as of yet, partly because it's one of those books with no photos and I do like to see what I'm making but gave a recipe a go and came out with this lovely banana tea bread!! It tastes and smells lovely and is great with a cup of tea!!

Talking about lovely smells my Hyacinths are just blossoming and the smell is addictive!!

Just previewed my post and from the first sentence trying to think of something to write it's amazing what babble I have come up with - well must go and do some work now (or maybe a nice cup of tea and slice of cake!!)

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feli said...

owh i miss having banana bread. with the prices of banana's now in Australia I cant have it every weekend like i use to