Monday, February 26, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!!

Where has all my time gone?
I think that's a question we (or I) ask ourselves each day!
Well the weekend went by very quickly, although it was lots of fun!
I found this treasure in the cupboard at the weekend which made me smile. It's such a cute little planner I bought several years ago to jot down all my plans and crafty things, but as you can see it's empty not that I haven't been crafting just I haven't had the time to jot anything down!!

I'm really glad also that my parcel to Feli (she's an even busier girl than me at the moment!) finally arrived and can not wait to post a few pictures of what I sent her as part of the One Hour Craft Tote bag swap. I'm really pleased that she liked what I sent!

1 comment:

feli said...

Oooo that is such a beautiful book. So retro. ehhehe.... and yes you can post up photos. I dont really mind anyways. They are beautiful and should be shown off!!