Saturday, September 26, 2009

A stack of inspiration

It's a lovely autumn day here in the UK today and after popping out and buying these little lovlies ~

I'm sorting through my ever growing stack of inspiration! Lots of lovely magazines, and new sketch books that are just waiting to be filled.

But there are a few magazines I would love to add to the pile!

If anyone knows where you can purchase these in the UK without having a subscription I would love to know! (If not then my wish list to Santa is growing bigger!)


Vixanne said...

Have you tried
They do subscriptions or one off orders. Hope this helps (and that it's there) :)

FiloSophietje said...

Oh... NICE!!!
those 'stich' magazines look really cool. are they American? Perhaps someone here could ship them over to you?? (I'm sure you could work out a nice deal ;) )

Susie said...

I could spend all day flipping through magazines too, trouble is can't bear to part with them and then where do you put 'em all?