Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hellooooooo ??

Anyone got any ideas where my followers have gone?
Have they had a better offer?

I hope not, thank goodness I did the giveaway draw before they all disappeared!
Please come back!


GroverFamily said...

mine just came back out of the blue?? im not sure what happened!

GroverFamily said...

and they are gone again!

Cindy said...

I follow your blog on Google Reader... I haven't gone anywhere. LOL

Country Dreaming said...


I had this problem last night--they did come back in their own.
My techno husband felt it was somthing on the Blogger site.
As of right now they are still there. Who knows????


Christy said...

That happens to my blog too! The followers sometimes disappear. Must be a temporary glitch.

Don't worry we're here!

FiloSophietje said...

if it's any reassurance, we're still here :-)