Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My new best friend!

Yes my new rotary cutter! Woohoo!
The sewing machine has finally been out, and by out I mean out, out on a day trip!!
Couple of weeks a go I signed up for a short course in Patchwork and Quilting. It is very short only 4 days in total over the next few months and session 1 has been and gone but it was great fun.
My new best friend also accompanied me (and yes I was sucked in at John Lewis to buy a little container for her as well, we need to keep her looking good!)
It was all a bit different - I can sew but have never done any patchwork or quilting and I'm usually a scissor girl! But wow did I learn a lot!
The hardest thing for me was working in inches! I'm a metric centimeter girl but slowly got the swing of things. Plus I did not have a 1/4 inch foot on my machine (another investment I need to make).
So I learnt all the basics and lots of useful refresher information, and by the end of the day completed the following:
My sketch/note book - so I can keep a track and reminder of what I am doing!

Work in progress!

(Oops photos not in order!) My second completed block.

My first completed block!

Close up of centres - I'm really fussy making sure that they meet!

I now have the bug and want to make lots more blocks out of my own fabric, plus we have been set homework!!
The only problem - I have gone and caught the snotty nose cold bug and not feeling up to it at the moment! So off to get a lemsip!


Country Dreaming said...

Very nice--I haven't quilted in a
long time but I do find it fun!
Keep on quiltting.


Vixanne said...

Very nice, well done! Hope you're feeling better soon.

RID said...

Hi! I loved your blog, so cute works!
See you soon! Greetings from Barcelona