Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I knew I couldn't keep away!

I had to set myself very little blogging this week as I'm really busy at work and lots of things to do when I get home!
But you know when you have lots to do, but somehow you manage to find other things that are just far more important (or distract you from the important things!!).
I know when its bad as I start re arranging furniture for no apparent reason!
So what better this evening than to spend far too many hours on the computer!!
Yep I've added another button to my blog!
A while ago I was asked whether I would like to take part in the following:

Now I am not a quilter, have never quilted, I've never been a rotary cutter girl as I was always taught to use scissors but what the heck I'll give it a go!!
I want to be a quilter!
So get ready to follow my progress through Bee Europa quilting bee. How exciting!
(And bet I'll be back tomorrow trying to avoid real work!)

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