Monday, January 11, 2010


I purchased this new (to the UK) Simply Handmade magazine just before Christmas and what with being so busy just had a quick flick through, has since been sat on the huge pile of unread magazines!
Finally sat down with a cup of tea to have a good read and there are some lovely projects!
I was a bit worried at first that everything was paper based but I was pleasantly surprised. Only problem the Internet link given does not seem to work! If anyone has any ideas of the UK based site for this magazine would love to know!

Love this idea of using old cereal packets to make notebooks - I'm a sucker for a notebook!

Definitely going to try this - love it!

What a cute little applique pillow!

I find these little envelopes so cute - instructions and craft paper here we come!

Only a few more projects then to add to my wish list for 2010!


Just Original said...

Love the ideas in the magazine, especially the 'Home Sweet Home' picture!

If you try any of them out, lets us know.

Vanessa x

Beth said...

oh my! i need that magazine! those projects looks so great, and i love the cereal box notebook! Ack!

Country Dreaming said...

There's ALWAYS another project to do isn't there?