Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fabric stash

Last week's sum's :~
Snow day + computer + too many hours browsing the Internet = purchases of lovely new fabric!!

Introducing my new little fabric stash! I find it difficult buying fabric over the Internet as I like to touch and see the fabric in person but I am limited to decent fabric shops around here so this is my only way of getting some of the lovely fabrics out there!
Hope to use some of these at the weekend!

Updated: Hi, for those of you who have emailed or commented the fabrics are from Fabric Rehab! (UK based online shop)


Bluebell said...

Some lovely fabrics here.Can I ask where you got them from? There's two fabric shops within 20 miles of me but they don't sell any designer/modern patterns :(

Mandy Noble said...

Love the fabrics, I am also stuck for fabric as am a bit snowed in in the Peak District, I have ordered some but it hasn't come yet!

maria said...

What fabulous fabrics. I saw an advert for fabric Rehab in Sew Hip magazine yesterday and thought about having a look....the problems is I have enough fabric to be getting on with at the moment and really didn't ought to be buying anymore!