Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finished project (+ bit of a tutorial)!!

Yay - It's very unusual that I get any crafting done during the week due to the day job, but managed to start a little project last night and finished it tonight! (Hence dark photos!)

This is one of the projects in "Simply handmade". I'm really pleased with how it turned out, put my own little twist on it and can see many more of these being made, and have a little idea on how I'm going to put them into good use!

Be prepared for lots of photos!

Here are my instructions that hopefully make some sort of sense!
1. I started with a 12" x 12" double side piece of light card.

2. Faintly draw out the scoring and cutting lines. (Sides 3 1/4", Centre 5 1/2", top tab 1", bottom tab 3/4")

3. Cut out corners and cut tabs at the top and bottom.

4. Score along the lines and fold.

5. Place a strip of double sided tape along the sides of the envelope and press together firmly.

6. Place a strip of double sided tape along the bottom tab and press in place.

7. Now choose a lovely button to form the fastening!

8. Carefully press a split pin into the middle of the top tab. Don't have it too tight/flat against the card otherwise the thread will not go around it!

9. Press the split pin out flat.

10. Thread the embroidery floss through the holes in the button, tie a knot in the end.

11. Attach a glue dot or a sticky fix to the back of the button.

12. Press the button firmly in place on the envelope.

13. Voila the fastening is complete!

Hey presto - a cute little envelope for secret little goodies!

Phew! Hopefully you kept up with that and I didn't bore you to death!
Love to know of any envelopes being made out there!

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Susie said...

fantastic, thankyou for sharing....