Saturday, October 27, 2007

How many days til Christmas?

Another week has flown by and all I seem to have heard this week is "How many days are there until Christmas?" Days!! I'm thinking in months!
The Christmas buzz is definitely here, the shops are crammed and mince pies are on the supermarket shelves!
The clocks go back tomorrow as well so we have shorter days and longer nights!! Which makes taking photos very difficult with it getting dark earlier!

Managed to get reasonable photos of my latest two projects:
1. A hanging organiser - sorry still with the pink theme!

2. A cute pincushion cube! How can you not be happy sewing with these little faces looking at you!

These will be available on Etsy when I get round to sorting it out, hoping the beginning of November!!

Nearly forgot - main reason for posting is to announce the winner of the needle book giveaway.
Using a random number selector the winner is NIC!! Congratulations!

(Nic - I can not find an email contact so if you can drop me an email I can arrange sending out to you!!)


Karyn said...

I love the little pocket on the side of the pincushion! So cute!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh the organiser is so cute...any chance you would be awesome and post a how-to for it as i know a little girl would would love this in her pink room:-)