Monday, October 22, 2007

The dust has gone from the machine!

Finally some completed craft projects! I can't quite believe it myself.
Have dusted off the sewing machine and been trying out a few ideas with some lovely fabric that I received ages ago from Sheree.
As well as a few other goodies ended up making this needle book, first one I have ever made and hadn't intended making it anyway, it just sort of evolved out of scraps of fabric!

I'm fairly pleased with it. One thing I have discovered this afternoon is how self critical I am of my work! Any one else like that?
I think I'm a bit of a perfectionist - stitches have to be right, corners need to be exact!

I am pleased with the needle book but one of the corners is sticking out like a sore thumb although it is only short of 90 degrees!! I do like the way the ribbon has worked out and I do love the striped fabric design and the white felt in the middle and the little hearts ribbon. Oh come to think of it it's not too bad!
I may even make up a batch for Etsy.

Well I've decided to give this one away!
All you need to do is say Hi (or introduce yourselves if your lurking about) and leave a comment letting me know if you are as critical on your own work, or if it's just me in my little mad world!
I'll leave this post open until Friday 26th midnight(BST) then will find a number generator on the Internet to help me find a winner. Good luck!
Off for a cup of tea, still have some of my chocolates left as well, before I get back to my machine.

More photos over at Flickr


bu&bau said...

As I've said on flickr, this needle book is lovely. I love the fabrics, the ribbon and the stripes! You realy are too critical about your work :o)
But I think we all are at least a bit.
Glad you came back! we were missing you

Karyn said...

I think your needlebook is great and I also think it would make a super Etsy item!

I know how you feel about every detail being "perfect" and I've just come to realize it never will be (for me, anyways!)

Blooming Felt said...

Hiya. Love the needle book - I really should try making one up for myself, but it's far too technical for me !! And as for being self critical ..... I'm a nightmare !! Sarah x

Alice said...

I was hyper critical about my own work and would not give away anything as 'it wasn't good enough'. Then I found out that no-one notices those things that drive me nuts. Recipients see the whole picture not the mis-aligned corners or skipped stitches. Relax and enjoy the process! If the product doesn't get loved by someone else or sold in your business it is not the end of the world.

*BB* said...

I just found your blog through flickr, your creations are gorgeous

Nicole Bee said...

It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the print!

Beth said...

Hello just found your site today! The needlebook is fabulous!