Thursday, October 25, 2007

DIY day (Giveaway reminder!)

I love being on holiday as I get so much done! Today has been a DIY day, put up some shelves, defrosted the freezer and been busy crafting away.
Today I've finally put more of my ideas into action:
More of my felt heart magnets in production (these were some of the first things I blogged about!)

Cutting ready for lavender felt heart hangers

Cute little magnets - made using my trusty cover button tool!

And since I'm hoping to start selling my goodies this little tag design has been floating around my mind for ages! I had ideas of embellishing them with stitching, ribbons and buttons but in the end I decided simple was better! I'm really pleased with how the first few have turned out!

Since I've been posting a lot this week - reminder if you want to win the needle book leave on comment on that post! Thanks!


Nicole Bee said...

Okay, now I'm embarrassed that I've never thought to slap a magnet on the back of a covered button. I have to do that now!

Karyn said...

Your tags are great!

Blooming Felt said...

Oh wow !! LOVE those button magnets - what a fab idea !! Sarah x