Saturday, June 23, 2007

How exciting!!

Just checked my blog this morning and noticed that I had an large amount of visitors over night! Hold on something is wrong here, I think I usually get a couple of regular visitors a day reading my ramblings and my crafting antics.
Then whilst browsing my usual sites I saw it!!

Thank you so much to Kath at Whip Up for mentioning my covered button tutorial! It amazes me how other people actually want to come and look at what I'm doing!

So if you've stumbled across here via Whip Up - THANKS - and would love to hear from you!


feli said...

Congrats. That is how I came to bhe blog today I didnt have to type in your blog address. :*)

ninimakes said...

I found you via Whip Up today. Nice to see more UK crafters blogging. My blog is quite new, I also do lots of sewing items. Have any good tips for finding nice fabric in the UK?