Monday, June 11, 2007

Cover Button Tutorial !!

Well it's finally here!! A few lovely people who have contacted me through my blog or over at Flickr asked if I could explain how I made the cover buttons, so I thought what better than a quick tutorial!!

At the moment I'm sat here like a Cheshire cat with a big grin as I managed to figure out how to use Leafletter to post the tutorial rather than a lengthy post and loads of photos!! I just hope that you can all see it and it works!
Let me know!

Well here it is - have fun and any questions let me know!


Blooming Felt said...

That is so cool !! I'm definitely going to get one of those thingys now !! Sarah x

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

Concha said...

Oh! That seems great! I want it too! Where did you buy that kit?

rusticrhythm said...

Awesome tutorial! I saw the buttons over at Flickr and wondered how they make it. Now I know! Where did you buy the set?