Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini quilts

At the end of April (Yes it takes me a while to get round to posting about things!!) I took part in my first ever local quilt group exhibition. I decided to enter the open competition for a journal quilt.
Sadly I did not know what a journal quilt was!
Sadly I did not get placed anywhere but I loved taking part and producing these mini quilts!

Number 1
"Springtime" - the inspiration came from April when we had a lovely spell of weather. The summer in the UK usually arrives for a few weeks at some odd time rather than in the summer!

Number 2
"To Do" - I'm a list maker. I have them everywhere in the kitchen, in the office, next to the bed, on my phone (virtual post it notes are fab!). Sometimes it feels like I write one list to tell me to check the other list!
Thankfully this To Do list is pretty empty - if only!!

Sorry first attempt in a windy garden just made me laugh!

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sukie said...

Both are adorable!!