Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't faint!

Yep your eyes aren't deceiving you but I am posting!
It has been a while and life has been a bit too busy for Pink Stitches so I am hoping things will get back to normal.
Over the last couple of months I've had far too many colds to mention, been ultra busy at work, handed over far too much money to my dentist, had a wisdom tooth yanked out of my mouth (I can still hear the bone crunching sound!!), tried to keep up with my Bee Europa sewing bee 2011, and on the odd occasion managed to get the sewing machine out for a bit of a play! I'll stop the list there for the sake of not boring you all to death on my first post for ages!

Last time I was here I posted a sneak peek photo of my first ever {Urban} Home Goods a modern swap item that I had just posted to my secret swap partner. The items arrived safely with my partner *waving Hi to Sukie* and thankfully she liked everything I had made and sent. Sukie has even updated her profile photo to one of her holding her sewing machine cover! Take a sneak peek up at the follower photos up the top on the left it is so cute!
I was really worried with it being a secret swap and kind of having to stalk your partner to get to know their likes and dislikes! The items made were also a first for me and I particularly liked my first try at a Dresden plate.
So here is what I sent:

 The full parcel of goodies

 Dresden plate WIP

 Quilting around the Dresden plate

 The front of the sewing machine cover

 The side view of the sewing machine cover

A different design on the back of the sewing machine cover

Glad to be back and hello to the new followers!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hope you are feeling better after a bad few weeks!

I love all the work you have done xx

sukie said...

I totally love it!!!

I'm glad you're back btw!