Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy computer!

A post at last!
It's been very quiet on the Pink Stitches front lately, partly because it's my summer hols and I've been here, there and everywhere and mainly because I've had a poor computer since the start of the summer.
So with a bit of TLC and what I wish for on a daily basis - a bit more memory, it's up and running and flying at super fast speed. What this means is that writing a post or attempting to do anything on the computer will not take forever and I mean forever that whilst trying to do something I could literally clean the house, make the tea you get the idea.
My postie has also been a busy boy this summer delivering lots of lovely parcels containing all my Bee Europa blocks that have been lovingly stitched and returned with amazing results! These are the first batch to arrive, look at all the loveliness.

Just need to add to my To Do list - learn how to stitch these all together and actually make them into a quilt! Should be (it will be) fun!
Until next time ~

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