Monday, August 31, 2009

A different kind of button!

Rather than doing some work in preparation for real work on Wednesday I've been playing around with my blog!
Procrastination or what!!
But I'm so chuffed I managed to make my own button! Yay!

Pink Stitches

I wanted to do this for my post tomorrow so hopefully it works! It's a bit smaller than I wanted but hey hopefully its OK. If anyone wants to know how to do this I will try and explain in as plain as English as possible. Let me know!


Craftify It! said...

I've been wanting to create a button, so I'd love a tutorial that I could understand! I love yours!!!

Jodieth said...

I too would love to create a button. More more importantly I would like to know how to put your button on my blog as well as some others. Every time I try it doesn't work.