Friday, July 31, 2009

From Sewing reels to fabric!

This was my favourite technique learnt at my textiles evening class - using photo sensitive emulsion to screen print.
I had to find an image to use on my screen. Now I wanted the fabric to be me so there was no chance of just using an Internet or book image so I went around my house taking loads of photos to be used as an image. This was my favourite:

I then decided to try out some text so typed up a bit of textiles related wording.
Then it was onto the screen:

Prepping up my fabric ready to go!

Then screen printing madly with a range of colours and I absolutely love the result!!

A close up shot of a piece that I then made into something. Check in tomorrow to see the results!


Country Dreaming said...


Have a delightful weekend!


Lady P said...

oh my gosh - I have longed to make my own fabric
love the image you chose to use
this stuff is really good
the process must be addictive!