Monday, June 1, 2009

Marvellous Monday!

My week got off to a great start when I received an email this morning from Ayumills at Pink Penguin saying I had won her giveaway!!
If you have not discovered her blog you must pop on over - her work is fabulous. She has great ideas, tutorials and uses the most wonderful fabrics and I am going to own my own little piece!!
If you have discovered me via her blog - Hello!

Update on my Textiles Printing class:
Sadly my class has finished :o( but it was so much fun and I've already signed up for next term!
The nervous bit now is putting together some of my work for an exhibition. It's a great idea - all the evening class courses put together an exhibition of their work for the public. I have so many samples and so many ideas I just need to get going as it is in two weeks time!
I have also taken loads of photos and will now get round to sharing them with you all.
This was my first attempt at screen printing on a large scale but using a small screen (I have now learnt my lesson - see last photo!)

Getting organised - a key lesson I have learned!

My lovely printing ink ~

Laying out my stencils onto a crisp white piece of cotton ~

Getting ready to go mad with the squeegee!

Moving along the fabric ~

The end result! I love the colour and the design but because I used a small screen I got lines in between print! My recent attempts have been much better.

Hope you've all had a lovely sunny filled day - thanks for stopping by!
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Chris said...

This was so cool seeing how this is done! Do you do this as a hobby/profession? I would think that would be so fun! Love the print!

ayumills said...

Screen Printing looks so much fun and I really like the pattern you used! I bet you can make a lovely handbag or something using your original fabric!! How Nice! One day I'd love to try it out!!

Petra said...

I just have to try this some time too. Very pretty print!