Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lucky Lady!

Sorry for my minor absence, I've been busy opening some wonderful swap parcels!
I feel so lucky!
First this lovely lot arrived on Monday ~

and then this fab lot arrived today ~

These are both part of "A little fabric, a little chocolate" swap over on Flickr.
I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of people, and I love receiving items that I know I can not find anywhere over here in the UK. Thank you so much ladies!

So to return this generosity I will be launching a giveaway on Sunday! Why Sunday I hear you ask - It will be launched on Sunday as over the next few days I am trying to get all my Textiles printing stuff ready for the mini exhibition! (Not panicking yet, but will be at midnight on Friday!)
So here is a sneak peek - in fact it is quite a large peek! So if you fancy taking part in the giveaway pop back on Sunday for the launch!!

Have fun for now and see you in a few days!


Drea said...

Your swap packages are awesome!!! They look pretty and yummy!

ayumills said...

What nice swap goodies!! I am a member of the swap group too and haven't participated in for a whole, but you made me feel like doing it again!!! Sunday?! I can't wait!

Christy said...

You've been one lucky lady!!