Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great find, and you'll be helping others too!

After a visit to Help the Aged charity shop today I came across a new range of products they are stocking called the "Well" range. I spotted these lovely cushions. What really caught my attention was the fab and different fringe, out of a range of fabrics and colours.

Photo is taken from their website, which does not show the fringe too closely.
(Sorry was chicken again to take photos whilst in a shop!)

"The cushion's fringes are made our of scrap material from the garment industry in Delhi, India. The producers of these cushions employ over 50 people to make them, and the workers enjoy fair trade conditions, and a share of the producer's profits. This product is part of Help the Aged's brand new ethical and environmentally friendly 'well' range".
(Taken from Help the Aged website)

I'll be popping back soon to see if they have a pink one in stock!

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Drea said...

sounds like a great product helping a few great causes. thanks for sharing!