Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday pics (and giveway) !!

Cold, wet and dark outside. So to cheer up those Monday blues and celebrate the following:

108th post - totally missed 100th post birthday!
4 days until the weekend!!
65 days until Christmas!!!

It's time for a special giveaway!
Sorry no hand made item this time, everything is WIP, but instead a gorgeous Cath Kidston travel purse! Who could resist?

As everything is WIP, this week thought I would post a few holiday pics.
Me at the bottom of the CN Tower, Toronto and at the top stood on the glass floor. Scary! Even had dinner up there in the revolving restaurant!

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment! That's all - winner will be selected Monday 27th.


Karyn said...

You stood on the glass floor??? You are much braver than I am!

Congratulations on your 100th (108th?) post!

Martha said...

great blog. i just found it.

not afaird of heights but not sure if I could have done that.

Feli said...

OMG you are so brave. I don't think that I would been able to stand on that glass. *shivers*

Vanessa said...

I hate walking up stairs that have gaps at the back of them never mind glass floors!

Please put my name in that draw! I am on my 99th post so I am doing a giveaway so please come and leave a comment soon.

Vanessa x

Tillyboo said...

Oooh ... How high? That would have been pure torture for me. You are brave.
Thanks for popping by my blog, your comments were fab. Your work is lovely too ! I shall be popping by regularly x

karen said...

Oh my god that is sooo seriously scary ( sorry for the drama but I hate glass floor's with a passion).

Just found my way to your blog and I'm loving it so will be popping by to haunt you regularly lol
Please can you enter me into your Draw.

saraeden said...

Oh wow what a view , i am not sure i could stand there !
Glad you had a good time x

Catherine said...

Hi - have found your blog through Yvestown. Cath Kidston products are very expensive to buy (do the exchange from UK pounds to Aussie dollars and then add the rediculous postage) in Australia.

I hate heights! Couldn't do this one.

Please check out my blog too.

muralimanohar said...

Glass floor?? I am not into that. Lol

Congratulations on your 100 posts!! And on remembering to do a 100th post giveaway! lol I keep forgetting to note milestones, and then by the time I do, I have waaaay passed them, lol.

tracey said...

I stumbled across your blog! soo fresh! i love the bags! also your trip to the cn tower and niagra falss reminded me of my honeymoon! thanks for that!

vanessa said...

Congrats on winning the free fabric at How did you get started on your blog?

Hi, my name is Judy. said...

Hi- found you thru Free Fabric Friday. Lucky you!!
Your blog is great. I just added it to my much-too-long list of blogs in my crafting folder!

Tiffany said...

Love the blog and love kath kidston

thanks for the chance