Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fabric shopping

After work tonight I popped into John Lewis to have a quick wander and had a pleasant surprise when I spied they had Amy Butler fabric in stock!!
Yes can you believe it - finally!
So feeling all excited I rushed over and decided to get a couple of metres. Off I skipped to the counter, chatting away to the lady serving me saying how great it is that they have got the fabric in and would they be having any more and she asked me what I was going to do with the fabric, I replied possibly a bag a few things around the home and then wait for it ... this is where I was a bit miffed! She replied "I'm not too keen on the fabric it looks like my grans curtains from the 60's" - I so wanted to reply with "well your gran had good taste then" but I just had to bite my tongue!!
Apologies for the poor photo tried to sneak a quick one in, always feel guilty in shops in case they think I'm some kind of shopper spy for the competitors!


saraeden said...

Oooooh lovely fabric !! Congrats at getting to your 100th plus post :0)

Sara x

Vanessa said...

Big up John Lewis they have such great taste, shame about the assistants!

Looking forward to seeing what you make from it!

Vanessa x

Tillyboo said...

Our JL don't have any Amy Butler. I reckon it's down to the people working in the fabric section - and our ladies look like they should be working at Grace Brothers :)