Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too miserable for photos!

The weather is so dull and miserable that I can not get any good photos of what I am busy making!

Here are a few from when the sun was shining. I have decided to make a batch of items and then place them on Etsy all in one go. This gives me something to aim for in terms of completion.
Busy making:
1. Cute lavender sachets/mini pillows (I did a bit of a test run with these. Lavender is still fresh and sweet smelling after several months!)
2. Hanging lavender felt hearts. These go great in the airing cupboard!
3. Felt heart magnets.

Hoping for some sunshine soon to take some decent photos!
Thanks to everyone who has left comments over the past few days - Karyn, Muralimanohar, Vanessa (thanks for the labels site!), Clare and Jennifer. I don't have email addresses for all of you but thanks for stopping by and Hi!


Karyn said...

Look at all those goodies! I really like the magnets, good idea!

Shirl said...

Beautiful... I have just started working with felt and love it.

Let me know when they are on Etsy!

kawaii crafter said...

great pictures, I love those shades of blue

Pink Stitches said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! xx

buebau said...

Such lovelyness in your crafts. I love lavender... those small pillows are so cute.

Now, I've been tagged by Sheree and, if it's ok with you, I'm tagging you. See more in: http://buebau.blogspot.com/2008/01/ive-been-tagged.html
Have fun.

Bed Linen said...

I love the mini pillows, they're adorable.