Monday, January 7, 2008


That's the one and only word (well there are a few other select words that are far to rude for here!) that have come out of my mouth over the past few days!
So much for me wanting to post more regularly - as well as human viruses my computer went and got one! Not at all fun!!

Anyways thanks for the lovely comments on the previous post and sorry I have not emailed you all back. I do hope to get busy with my blog soon and as usual have loads of ideas floating around in my head that need to be put into practice.

I just need to get going now! Avoiding all viruses - human and computer!


Feli said...

Happy New Year Cara!!!

Hope you and your computer feel better soon.

bu&bau said...

Hope you both (you and your computer) are feeling better now :o)

Hugs from Lisbon