Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just one little quilt block ....

So August is my month for my quilting Bee "Bee Europa" and I've chosen the Churn Dash quilt block. I quickly made up a sample block to test the tutorial, which is a fab one by Sew Me, and made sure I had enough fabric, snapped a quick photo on my iPhone, uploaded it to Flickr and that was me done.

Bee fabric prep, Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille ~
My practice Churn Dash quilt block ~
Then the next day I started to get several likes of the photo from people who were not my contacts and seemed to have no link to quilting or sewing!? I was puzzled so logged onto Flickr to check the photo and activity and was amazed with what I saw!!

I was shocked - I know my photos get a few views generally and the same goes for the blog - I know there are a handful of peeps that find me and what I do somewhat interesting, most of the time :) but I was amazed at how many views this little old photo had!
I then found out I had been "explored", sounds kinda weird in so many ways! Shows how much I actually don't know about Flickr. It was a lovely surprise to have my photo added to Explore and that a little old quilt block was so popular!!! Current views 3603!
Bee Europa pretty piles ready to be sent out ~

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