Monday, March 25, 2013

Lampshade making!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the felted bowl! I kind of need touch-a-vision added to this blog too as although it holds its shape really well the wool roving is so so soft.

So back to the weekend and after wandering around Olympia with a soggy felted bowl in my bag, spying far too many goodies to buy, seeing far too many other crafts that look exciting to do, having a bite to eat at the most expensive snack stand ever and meeting and chatting with new people it was time for another workshop! Yay!
The "Make your own Lampshade" workshop was being run in conjunction with Prima magazine and taught by Elizabeth Cake who was great. It was an intensive 1 hour workshop which flew by really quickly!
The basic tools ~
Lots of cutting and sticking ~
 A bit of rolling and more sticking ~
 And hey presto we have light, well kind of!


moira said...

oooh, very nice. And it looks pretty straightforward to go - what type of glue do you need?

heart of charnwood said...

Lovely! And you think with that surname she would be some kind of baking expert ;o)