Monday, November 26, 2012

A little bit of creativity

So I got a little bit creative at the weekend! Nothing too mad but in an attempt to kick start the crafty mojo this was nice and easy.  One step closer to getting the sewing machine back out again!!

I recently purchased a set of Martha Stewart chalkboard labels at Staples and was then waiting eagerly for a nice, white and crisp chalk pen to arrive that I bought off e Bay. I decided to try out a chalk pen rather than the old fashioned normal chalk as I'm left handed and whenever I've used chalk in the past I just smudge it too easily. The pen is great! It dries very quickly, does not smudge and is easily removed with a damp cloth. Would definitely recommend!
Not great photos I know but at the moment I seem to be living through Instagram!!!

About to get creative! Martha Stewart labels and new chalk pen!!

Voila! Might try some fancy writing next time!!

The best thing about these labels? They are re positionable and reusable so if you (OK me!) don't get it right the first time just try again!

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sarah said...

Those are neat! I have some chalkboard paper waiting for a project to use it on.