Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Round 2

Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails about the iPad case!
I to was amazed by my own inspiration to use a sweater as the lining (I love it when you have a light bulb moment!) although it was that idea that resulted in the case being a tiny bit too small!!
So round 2 and version 2 is complete, in use and I am loving it!!
Here are a few pics of WIP on the machine quilted sections, there are 2 quilted sections this time to give a little more protection.
I'm getting better at free motion quilting and "stippling" although find myself needing to relax when doing this on my machine as I suddenly realise I look hilarious as I gravitate towards the machine and my shoulders are up by ears!! Concentration or what!! Any tips on how to relax when free motion quilting?


Angela said...

I love your persistence in getting your design the way you want it. I am trying to think through making a laptop sleeve for my computer, but I hesitate to start in case it's not perfect. I need to think like you and realize I can just make another one if the first one isn't just what I want.

Kat said...

Your FMQ looks great! I've just recently started to FMQ but I've noticed that my shoulders usually end up near my ears, too. Too funny!