Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quilting Bee update

Blimey I can't quite believe how quick time passes in a quilting bee!
Bee Europa is the first Bee that I have joined and although a little hesitant at first partly due to two reasons:
1. Not knowing a lot about quilting!
2. Wondering whether I will have the time to take part ...
I am really pleased that I accepted the invitation.
July was my month to send out fabric and all the lovely blocks are making their way home to me and they are so lovely. This was my practice block I made before putting together an instruction sheet and sending out the fabric. I just now need to work out how I am going to join these all together.


Country Dreaming said...

Someone has been really busy!!!


maria said...

Sorry I haven't made your blocks yet. I got in a muddle and did the August blocks before your July blocks. I love the houses in your last post. Glad you enjoyed the festival of quilts. I bought the Amy Butler book too and also had it signed. I hope to use it soon.