Monday, November 16, 2009

Inches and me just don't go!

I've now completed my third quilting class and it's been loads of fun!
Being shown how to complete the blocks correctly is great and learning all the tips and techniques is much easier than using a book at the moment! Plus meeting people who enjoy to sew is also fab!
The only problem I've come across is this inches thing! 1/4 of an inch?! 7/8 of an inch?!
Unfortunately I'm a centimetre girl so it has taken a bit of time to get used to.
So far I've been experimenting with different blocks, fabrics and colours. I'm slowly finding my style.

I did also manage to put together a random log cabin block and then along came a pincushion. A girl can never have too many pincushions! (I was also proud to display this at the class on Saturday - I'm a quilting class geek!)

Until next time,


edward and lilly said...

I've always struggled with inches. Cute pin cushion!

Les Petits Anglais said...

I use cms for everything except for chest sizes in knitting! I grew up with 18" 20", etc and now it's stuck. But the whole fractions of inches thing is just weird. That's what I love about the metric system: decimalisation!