Monday, April 7, 2008

Weird Weather!!

The weather over here is very strange at the moment!
Yesterday morning woke up to this outside:

Unfortunately that lovely view is not from my house but from a hotel that I was staying in. How picturesque!

Giveaway results:

Congratulations to lesalicious! If you can email me your details it will be in the post. Thanks to everyone that left comments, it was lovely to here from lots of new readers. Look out for the next giveaway in May!


buebau said...

What a magnific view...
Congratulations lesalicious! You are a lucky girl!!!
And thank you Cara for being so kind.

Lesalicious said...

WOW congrats to me. Thanks Cara I will like I said, have to keep visiting your blog. Thanks will totally send you all the information can't wait to show off my gift on my blog:)

muralimanohar said...

Man, with winter starting here, I am totally mourning that we won't get that kind of view with it! :p