Tuesday, April 1, 2008


April's here already - so as it's the first of the month thought it was time for another giveaway!
I've been busy trying new ideas for wristlets after completing my first one for the Bag Ladies Swap over on Flickr. Here is the latest creation, a nice mix of crisp white and pinks! There are one or two little imperfections with this one (I am a perfectionist - unfortunately one little mistake drives me mad!) so it turned out to be a sample but is still very usable!

Back to the giveaway - here is what is on offer:

To win leave a comment telling me what you are busy making this April!
~ Even if you're not a Crafter leave a comment for a chance to win!
Good luck! Draw will be made late this Sunday and winners announced Monday!


Feli said...

owhhhh I love a good Give away...

Here is what I will be busy doing this April.

I have a Bead and Gem fair that I am planning to go to this weekend and I hope to get more beads and findings.

So hopefully you can see some of them popping up on my blog. :*)

Lesalicious said...

Hi am new to visiting your blog have to say I love all your work. By the way I can't turn down a giva away.

I mainly have plan for April is to crochet and sew. Have a lot of crocheting to do for my swap blog called Swap Swap Gals.

Sewing I like to get started on sewing my little girls some spring and summer clothes. Also for sewing and crocheting plan on getting a couple of things up in a small shop up and sell. Other then that mainly just taking care of my little ones and hoping we don't get anymore snow.:)

Again love your blog will totally have to visit more. :) keep up the great work.

alicia said...

What great colors - I sure do love pink! This month, I will finish knitting my brown Lucy bag (a felted bag) and I need to start on cutting and piecing together my tshirt quilt (you know, all the supplies are bought, but it's just a matter of finding time to do things!). Thanks for the free giveaway!

Vanessa said...

What won't I be doing this month. I have a fair to attend in May so I will be stocking up there! My daughter also needs me to make a cushion for her in the car!

Hope this is worthy enough to enter the draw!

Vanessa x

buebau said...

I'm in for this great give away : )
For April I'll try to make my 1st quilt. I wonder how it will work.
Thank you for your kindness Cara!
Hugs from Portugal

Just Being Crafty said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and it's just wonderful. Well this month I will be working on a doll dress with a petticoat and panties and a corset and a Hat for Izabella I've had her for about 3 years now and she needs a outfit.I just started making her undergarments last week I too am a perfectionist and this doll is very hard for me to fit and she is very old and I don't like to handle her to much because she has been repaired and I don't think they did a good job.This is my sister in laws doll she got from her Aunt. You can read about it at justbeingcrafty
and this is a wonderful giveaway.
Thank You

LYNS said...

Hiya and Oops!
My website is under a big over haul hence the email address not working. My non work one is lynseyuk@googlemail.com
- email me there!

LYNS said...

i'm not a crafter so does my entry count? I'm making a website!
Hopefully i'll be getting a few sewing books soon though and teaching myself. Go me! x

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

So cute! I love the colors together!

I am going to try to make my first (adult) dress this season. I have made oodles of toddler dresses but it;s high time to make myself a little something. Or try anyway!!

Made By Claire said...

I think it looks great. I bother about imperfections in the stuff I make. This month I am finishing up a quilt I have on the go and then making a quilt out of a load of charm squares that I want to get rid of. Hope your enjoying the final beginning of spring

Cindy said...

This month I am busy making a redwork snow man quilt. There are a bunch of embroidered pieces surrounded by patchwork. It's very cute and I'm having lots of fun working on it!

Cindy Keery