Thursday, August 2, 2007

I told you all I couldn't keep away for the whole summer!!
Well just a quick check in for a bit of advice.

I have had so many emails and comments via my blog or over at Flickr in relation to my buttons and the button covering tool and was wondering whether people would be interested in buying them if I placed them in my (up and coming) Etsy shop?

Plus what would the interest be for my felt heart magnets/pin cushions/lavender sachets?
All advice and comments gratefully appreciated guys!! Thanks!!


enna said...

I would love to purchase your button covering kit. Look forward to your Etsy shop

Pink Stitches said...

Enna, thanks could not find an email address so replying via here!
Hopefully etsy shop will be up and running around the end of August or start of Sept! Thanks for stopping by :)

bu&bau said...

Hi Cara!
I think the button covering tool would a huge success because the alternative machine is very expensive. You should put it on your etsy shop and also the several size buttons... I will look for them in Lisbon this week (I'm on vacation!!!), but I don't know if they fit or are compatible with the tool you sent me.
I can't wait to visit your shop.

pink-petal-designs said...

love your blog, first time here so im gonna add you to my favs so i can read some more. x