Sunday, July 15, 2007

Over the next few weeks I hope to get things sorted around here and start thinking about and stocking my new Etsy shop. At the moment it is all at the very early stages and I have loads of ideas floating around my head, all I need now is some precious time to get going!

My latest crafting venture was this little front zippered coin purse I made yesterday. One good thing about the poor weather in the UK this summer is I seem to be spending more time inside and therefore out comes the sewing machine which also distracts me from my day to day work.
This was my first attempt at the front zip style and I'm fairly pleased with it. It was a bit fiddly with the lining but now I know the process of putting it togeher it should be easier and quicker next time!


Karyn said...

I love your zippered pouch!!! Don't fret, now that you've mastered one the rest will be a breeze!

feli said...

I just love the fabric. :*) you did a fantastic job.