Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Discovered Angelina Fibres yet?
If not you must!!
I have had these in my craft supplies for a while and finally had the time to have a quick play with them. It's so easy and great fun!
You take the fibres and arrange them as you want between a sheet of greaseproof paper. Apply an iron on a low to medium heat which bonds the fibres together! See easy! The hotter the heat you apply it gives the fibres a shiny effect. I then used one of my sheets of bonded fibres to make a vessel (or cone) simply by bonding the edges together with heat.
Now that I have had a quick taster I can't wait to have more fun experimenting!


Ali said...

that's really cool! I must give this a go. Where do you get angelina fibres from? are they plastic?

Pink Stitches said...

Hi Ali -
The fibres are mixed either polyester or aluminium. So when you heat bond them they produce great iridescent results. I got these from my local art and crafts store. Hope that helps, thanks for stopping by!

feli said...

Ooooo interesting. do they have an online store? They should be fun. :*)