Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Weekend Project

I've had this little project in my mind for a while and started sketching ideas out over the holiday weekend.

The idea ~ A diary/organiser cover with several pockets and pouches.

The process was a sort of make it up as you go, but I'm really pleased with the outcome!
Sewing it all together at the end was a bit difficult due to using interfacing and a thin wadding to pad it out - so don't look to close at the edge stitching!

A bit of an overkill on photos for this post but here's a few the rest are on Flickr.


feli said...

They look fantastic!!! beautiful.

lisa said...

oh my goodness...all those pockets and slots, that must've taken alot of measureing and math, ack! Great job, I love it!

woof nanny said...

Whoa--that is incredible! The new issue of Adorn Magazine has a passport pouch that I want to make. Maybe after that I could tackle something like this.

Karyn said...

That is freekin' brilliant!!! I love all the pockets. LOVE it!