Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Back up and running - well kind of!

Well I took a hiatus from social media for a while..... lost interest, wanted some time back because IG, blogs etc. are fantastic but I can lose a good few hours, plus I haven't been doing any sewing or quilting for absolutely ages!!
Then I felt the need to get back into it all until...... I got back on Instagram and my account had been hacked! Not going to go into it in too much detail in this post but lets just say we put our hearts and trust in a little app which has the worst customer support ever!! In fact I don't think there is even any support just little automated bots!
Then there is Flickr..... a platform I loved! It kind of started my creative journey, put me in touch with lots of creative like minded people in real life and the swaps and bees - they were great!!! BUT another company was taking it over and I decided to close my account down, hence the strange looking images on this blog right now! So I have a bit of tidying up to do, need to think about blogging, where it is going etc. etc. but for now I'm going to dip my toes back in.

So if you were following me on Instagram and maybe wondered why I blocked you, because I definitely didn't, you can now find me @Cara_Pink_Stitches

So for now keeping it short and sweet and hope to sweep off the very thick layer of dust from my sewing machine some time soon!!

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