Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just call me the bag lady!

Its no secret I love to make bags and zippy pouches and have quite an extensive collection growing!
A girl can never have too many right!?

One of my go to patterns I discovered several years ago is the (No Guts) Boxie Pouch from So Chick via Craftsy. I just love this pattern and once you've made one you'll be addicted, I promise!

So one of my May makes and I think my favourite is my latest boxie pouch. I used a slightly heavier wadding to give it a really nice structure so it doesn't fold in on its self which wasn't too much of a pain to sew through on my little Bernina.

This is the scariest stage!!

This is a great quick make and I would love to see what other fab bags and zippy pouches you have made or suggestions of new patterns I should try, so leave a comment below :)

Pattern: (No Guts) Boxie Pouch from So Chick
Fabric: Melody Miller Viewfinders

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