Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat hello!

Hopefully I'm not too late to the Fat Quarterly Retreat Linky Party but in 5 days time I'll be heading down to London for the Retreat!! Yay!!
So a few random things to help break the ice....
  • Next Friday is not only FQ retreat but also the end of term for me in my day job as a teacher! This last week has been more than manic with a visit from the people that all teachers dread so any last minute sewing totally went out the window :(
  • I'm left handed but only for writing, right handed for everything else - weird I know!
  • Originally from Jersey before settling in the UK
  • Most of my friends don't understand my obsession with spending far too much money on fabric, only to cut it up and sew it back together again!
  • I went to the retreat last year and met lovely people but had to travel back and forth so felt I missed out on some things so so excited this year to be staying at the Grange!! 
  • Met the lovely Pippa at retreat last year who is my roomie this year and was also my secret name badge partner!!
  • Last year I was carrying this bag not sure what I'll have this year just yet - need to get finishing!!
  • Not great at photos so here is one of me at the London Sewing Directory meet up (Fiona hope you don't mind me borrowing the photo!!?) I'm next to Fiona in Blue, think I was trying to be the M of YMCA! (It was held at a YMCA just in case you're wondering!)

So a list of totally random facts!
My classes are Spring Carnival, Free Motion, Triangle City and Hand Quilting so see you all there!!


catrinmanel said...

Look forward to seeing you again, looks like we are doing quite a few classes together, spring carnival, free motion. I'm also doing hand quilting with Lu on Sunday, are you in that class too? I haven't yet started getting my stuff together, but will start today! Still love that bag of yours!

catrinmanel said...

Cara, quick question for you, what are you planning to take in for the FMQ class? I'm toying with the idea of taking small simple placemats (not made them yet) but I also jave a great big quilt that needs doing. Not sure I want to do my class with that though, as I imagine that we'll be doing a bit of "playing around" with designs. Iykwim.

Sonia said...

Yay! Hopefully I'll see you at the Grange :) My Little Girl finishes school on Friday - I'm not popular yet as I"m missing the Leavers Assembly. Oops! See you Friday x

heart of charnwood said...

Left handed for writing, and everything else right handed? What about hand sewing? Weird, I'm a leftie, but sport wise ambi-dexterous, squash I can do both hands but predominantly left (right comes in useful), for golf right handed, and so on. It does get a bit confusing sometimes. :o)

pennydog said...

I'm left handed too but only writing and rotary cutting, not that weird really as most things are invented to be used with the right hand and you just learn to do it that way ;)

Strawberry Patch said...

See you there! I will be in hand quilting with you :-)

Catherine said...

See you Friday!

moira said...

it will be lovely to see you again

Tammy said...

Boo! What bad luck at this time of year. I am also a teacher and have a crazily busy week, thankfully I only work mon-wed so have Thursday to sort out my stuff. Look forward to meeting you at Fmq.

Nicky said...

Darn missed meeting you - have to be next year then!

I'm left handed too! Makes life a bit awkward at times but great excuse - oops did I admit that in public ??